Car show links 2012-2013

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Car show links 2012-2013

Post  DanKinsey on Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:10 am

Wont bore you with show reports on these. Going forward I wil stick them up in seperate topics with a write up. Enjoy. all images taken by myself, no editting just watermarking and size reduced. 2012 pics are on my old bridge camera Fujifil s5700. Newer ones 2013 are on my Canon 600D

GTI International (Sunday 2012)
Pictures" onclick=";return false;

Video with sound (will probably be loud)

VWNW 2012 Pictures (Tatton Pak)

Other 2012 stuff I went was none VAG related so not posted up. If you want I will happily add ater just eave some posts lol.

Charity Event Awesome GTI 2013 (FEB)


Springfest 2013 (April, Santa Pod)

All Types Show May 2013.
Please bote the first page or 2 are pictures from Duke of Lancaster as I stopped off there on the way back from show. for some reason photobucket changed the images around after upload.

Happy picture looking lol


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