Classic Cars Tatton Park 2013 Saturday 1st June

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Classic Cars Tatton Park 2013 Saturday 1st June

Post  DanKinsey on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:33 am

That time of year first weekend of June (somethime last weekend of May) Classic Cars at Tatton Park. Located in Knutsford Cheshire this one of 3-4 car shows that are hosted here though the year. For me its a short 10miles drive. But being a bit too low I park in Knutsford and walk though. This has the added bonus of some wildlife and scenic shots as you will see in the link to the pictures.
Very chilled out show weekend with stuff on show and stalls for all sorts of things. Its awsome to see so many nice cars on display as well as ones you never seen before. Lot of owners sit near cars and aways have a little chat if they see people looking at the car or taking some snaps. Anyways enough talking heres the link. Pictures reduced and watermarked like normal.

PS check back later there will be a second topic posted with another show report and pictures from Dub Mania and Classic Cars from Weston Park Shropshire Wink


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