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New Project ! Coffee Table Empty New Project ! Coffee Table

Post  sheridan94 on Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:19 pm

**Cpied from CorsaC UK**

Sooooo nearly had the car two years .
Quite frankly im sick of it and want a new car but wont happen until about next april :(But then again i did intially guesstimate next summer.

Therefore instead of wasting money on polishing the turd.
I cam across this badboy

BBS GTR3 18" ET50 rim with Dunlop race tire that was raced on a porsche in Lemans and won its category, included in the sale was paperwork to prove and a pic of the Porsche it was on.
The plan is to incorporate this into a small glass table Smile
New Project ! Coffee Table 10338299_10152157171012106_7236141431282689276_n_zps9d1ecdea
I bought it from a very wealthy chap who buys out Motorsport teams and sells on the bits and bobs. This happened to be one of the spare wheels in a package he bought.
In his man cave he had all sorts, memorabilia, bonno's old roller, simon cowells SL55 AMG and a few escort MK1's in concourse condition.

First of all a refurb will be needed, im looking to have it back to something like this.With the help of [MENTION=16903]ultimawhistler[/MENTION]
A nice polished dish, gold face and have the drum in either black or anthra
New Project ! Coffee Table 681331d1353340234-964-bbs-picture-thread-e28

Within the refurb I will be renewing
*The bolts. Cant decide if i want to go for chrome or gold :\
*Valve sleeve with a s****y BBS dustcap
*Replace the original decals with same OEM ones. - Already Purchased.
*Gold BBS decal n the outter drum the drum with the help of [MENTION=38942]crazy[/MENTION]geodiegirl
*Perhaps a Porsche decal on the other side of the drum :shrug1:

The chap was a little gutted that I was planning on refurbishing it, as the rim had history and was on a good friends car.

In terms of construction of the table. I haven't got that far yet. I know if i was to just use the rim it wouldn't be very high, i have been suggested sourcing a radinox dish.
But im on a bit of a budget and im already spending a fair few £££'s on this and i'd like to keep the original main bits of the rim.

I reckon I will just raise the rim from the bottom with no adjustment and source someone locally to cut a nice side piece of glass Smile
New Project ! Coffee Table Table1

Although im unsure whether i should just have glass on the inner of the rim leaving the surface for beverages and snacks a lot smaller than having it sitting on top of the rim.

Love to hear your thoughts on this Smile


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