audi a4 2003 tdi 130, 111k fsh

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audi a4 2003 tdi 130, 111k fsh

Post  20v-turbo on Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:12 pm

selling my audi a4 Sad due to needing something with a bigger boot for work, or maybe summat with power due to longer contract with work

its a rare albetrot red known for changing color in the weather, pretty wierd tbh

111k fsh
full sport kit, spoiler and interior

new bbs lm reps staggered
new tyres
recent service
new fk coilovers
new rear 15mm spacers
recent fresh paint on few bits at bala autobodys (no pikey jobs here...for a change)

car speaks for itself, turns a head where ever u o mainly cause of the color tbh, not many out there

awesome pd130 tdi engine, pulls like train and saves money like nuthing else

£3800 no offers due to quick sale

more info just contact me 07917716488



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